How to Clear Your Cache on iPad

Follow the steps below to clear your cache in Safari: 

Step 1: Open Settings App, which you will find on your iPad home screen

Step 2: In the Settings App, tap SAFARI and you will see an option for CLEAR HISTORY AND WEBSITE DATE and an option for ADVANCED

Step 3: First, click on CLEAR HISTORY AND WEBSITE DATA and click CLEAR. This is the first step in cleaning up Safari browser, however this won’t clear all of your cache

Step 4: To fully clear cache, tap ADVANCED,  then click WEBSITE DATA, then click REMOVE ALL WEBSITE DATA

Follow the steps below to clear your cache in Chrome: 

Step 1: Click Chrome Menu (3 vertical dots in upper right hand corner of browser)

Step 2: Choose SETTINGS

Step 3: Choose Privacy

Step 4: Choose Clear Cache, and then Clear

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