Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication

In today’s cybersecurity environment, implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is one many tools that we can use to further protect all of the sensitive information contained within the Sexual Assault e923. Beginning November 3, 2021 all accounts are required to set up MFA. 

First Login 

The first time you log into the e923 after the system has been upgraded, you should expect an additional step during the login process. This process will not occur every time you log in, but you should expect to go through this process every time you login from a new device that the application does not recognize. 

Note: using Private Browsing in your web browser to access any website does not confer any additional security benefit, it only deletes your browsing history and removes cookies. 

Step 1 - Go to forensicmedicalreport.com

Step 2 - Enter Your Username and Password

Step 3 - Select How You Would Like to Receive Your Passcode

Depending on the information you have associated with your account, you will be provided with options for how to receive your one-time passcode. You may select either of the options available.

Step 4 - Click “Send Code” 

Once you have selected an option for receiving the code, click “Send Code”.

Step 5 - Enter Your Passcode

A passcode will be sent to the device you selected. Please enter the code in the space provided. It may take up to 20 seconds for your passcode to arrive depending on your internet connection or cell service (depending on the method you selected to receive the one time passcode). 

Step 6 - After Entering the Passcode, Click “Verify” 

Step 7 - All Logged In!

You should now be able to view your completed reports.

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