Using Google Authenticator for your one-time password

Step 1 - A: Click “+” To Add Device

If you use Google Authenticator, open the application. In the lower right hand corner, you will see a small “+” button. Tapping this button will take you to add a new OTP link. (Note: I use Google Authenticator extensivel, so I have many of these codes already; I have redacted the names of the applications for security reasons)
Step 2: Select “Scan a QR code”
Select the option to scan a QR code.  (Note: We have redacted the names of other applications for security reasons). 
Step 3: Scan the QR code from the website open in front of you. 
After scanning the QR code, a new entry should automatically appear in the bottom of your list of codes. 
Step 4: Enter the OTP Generated by the Application
The application on your phone will now continuously generate new temporary passcodes. Enter this passcode into the provided field in the application on your tablet or desktop device. 
Step 5: Click “Verify” 
Once you have entered the passcode, please click “Verify”. This step helps the e923 application link to your OTP generator
Step 6: Submit Another OTP Code
The application will ask for you to enter a second OTP code. Going through this process twice ensures that the applications are correctly linked and confirms that every passcode that is generated will be correctly recognized. Note that each OTP times out and will disappear -there will be no issues if you enter non-consecutive codes.   
You will know that it worked if the application takes you back to the Browse Reports screen.
Moving forward you will see the application you have installed as another option for the second step of your Multi-Factor Authentication process. You can select it and enter the code provided by the Google Authenticator Ap

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