Using Duo Mobile for your one-time password

Download and open your Duo Mobile app on your smartphone.

Step 1: Click “+” To Add Device
Make sure you have Duo Mobile installed on your phone. (Note: We use Duo Mobile for many applications, so have many of these codes already and have redacted the names of the applications for security reasons)
Step 2: Select The Option to “Scan QR code”
Select the option to “Scan QR code”, and scan the QR code on your computer or tablet screen.

Step 3: Duo Mobile Prompt - Name the Account in Duo Something Recognizable
Step 5: Confirmation Step -  Enter OTP Cod
Step 7: Enter Second OTP Code

The application will ask for you to enter a second OTP code. Going through this process twice ensures that the applications are correctly linked and confirms that every passcode that is generated will be correctly recognized.

You will know that it worked if the application takes you back to the Browse Reports screen. At this point you should be all set up!

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